We are digitalizing word of mouth

Social Marketplace Innovation

New social marketplace for service recommendations where YOU find services your friends have used.

Community built on Trust

Filter the large amount of offerings online by what your friends recommend to you over a dinner table.

Better Services Globally

We embraise those doing a great job and have the best reviews from your circle of friends.

Service digitalization is built on trust


The customers trust their friends above all other forms of advertising


Share a good experience with their friends

Who is DearCircle for?

YOU who orders services

Simplifies your life so you can focus on the things that really matter.

Discover new services and get inspired by your friends

Make climate-smart decisions

Help others and expand your network


YOU who provides services

Allows for new ways of working and co-creating the future of service commerce together.

Gain easy access to your customers network

Grow your business sustainably

Stand out in the sea of competition

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Owned by and for the people

Can we help you expand your business?

Independent if you have a big, medium or a small business, we are happy to help you grow. Don’t leave your choice to the advertising giants
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